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Sunrise Pottery LI x Sea Schleps

Sunrise Pottery LI and Sea Schleps have teamed up to create beautiful and unique pottery pieces using local Long Island sea glass.

Long Island Artists, Tamara of Sunrise Pottery LI and Hayley of Sea Schleps met while selling their artwork at the Garden Farmers Market in Patchogue. We both share the same love of sea glass and pottery and decided to collaborate on sea glass-infused pottery. Each piece of pottery includes authentic, ocean-tumbled Long Island sea glass and takes over 4 weeks to complete. 

Send us a message or email to purchase these pieces below.

For other similar works, please reach out to Sunrise Pottery LI.

Glass Pottery Set_edited.png

Ring and Jewelry Holders

Trinket and Catch-All Dishes


Candle Holders


Handmade, Small Batch

Functional Pottery Instagram: @sunrisepotteryli

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