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The Inspiration Behind Sea Schleps

The imaginative artwork behind Sea Schleps was inspired by my love of sea glass and the collection I acquired from summer trips to the beach as a young girl. By combining hand-picked sea glass, sea pottery, rocks, driftwood, and seashells with hand-painted watercolor backgrounds, I create microcosms of familiar beach and nature scenes. The colorful and multi-shaped sea glass featured in my artwork was naturally tumbled anywhere from tens to hundreds of years ago. Designed with beloved marine animals and aquatic flora, my unique arrangements reflect both the lively force and soothing sounds of the ocean. Through my artwork, I hope to bring the tangible and intangible essence of nature to my patrons.

About The Artist


Art and design have been a long-time passion for me. At 16, I began my art journey as a 35mm film photographer and built my own darkroom. I studied Business and Graphic Communications and Photography at CUNY Baruch College. After college, I worked for several photo studios across Long Island and as a photographer for the New York Mets. 

Most of my professional design experience was gained while working for two large wholesale distributors as a Product Photographer, Graphic Designer, and eventually holding the position of Art Marketing Director.


Before leaving the workplace to pursue freelance opportunities and focus on raising my twins, Ethan and Charlotte, I worked for an industrial marketing agency and was responsible for developing and implementing branding, marketing campaigns, and social media ads for b2b companies.

When not working in my professional capacity, I am an avid sea glass and seashell collector or "schlepper". Creating artwork by using the locally sourced materials I have collected and the hand-painted watercolor backgrounds have been a therapeutic outlet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the support of other amazing local artists and maker markets across Long Island, I have been able to develop my passion into a business.

Where can you find Sea Schleps artwork?

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